Clean, Clean, Clean!

We at Mountain Air draw from years of experience in a variety of professions including early childhood education, facilities design and management, children’s play centers and more. All are the types of environments that call for absolute cleanliness. That is exactly why we continue to hold a high standard of cleanliness at our family friendly facility. With parents, children, family, and friends coming to Bend from all over Central Oregon to jump at our trampoline park, we want everyone to walk away feeling great!

We sanitize all surfaces daily including steam cleaning our trampolines. We use a perfectly formulated cleaning solution to sanitize all surfaces, and make the simple promise to our guests that we will treat you like family. We do not want our children at a family fun center that is not up to our standards of cleanliness, so we make sure you and your children are treated the same.

Why Mountain Air?

Often times, as the new owner of Mountain Air Trampoline Park, I’m asked, “why did you decide to buy Mountain Air?” The answer is we wanted to give back to the Central Oregon community through a local business.

We’ll do that at Mountain Air by expanding on the delivery of a Fun, Clean and Safe environment. We often hire people for whom this is their first or second job. We are committed to developing great employees and leaders. We have rolled out a training and leadership development program that is already starting to show in the amazing feedback we are getting on social media reviews.

Stay tuned for more info on what Fun, Clean and Safe means for you and our training and leadership develop program for employees.

New Owners

Yes, you heard right. As of late 2018, Mountain Air has new owners, Patrick and Katy Booher, who are committed to continuing to expand the awesome fun and services you’ve experienced or have yet to experience at Mountain Air. With three school-aged children, they continuously receive feedback on improvements that will add more fun to Mountain Air. Both Patrick and Katy grew up in Oregon and are happy to be back in Bend. Some exciting changes already in place are expanded Toddler Time hours and more special promotions. Coming soon you’ll see changes to the attractions in the park and more food and beverage options.