Save time… purchase your jump passes and socks online ahead of time. When you arrive at Mountain Air, just check-in and jump! Here are some tips to ensure your check-in goes smoothly:

  • Plan to arrive 15-20 minutes before your jump time begins.

  • Admission fees are only required for those who will jump. Parents, siblings, and others who will not be jumping are welcome to stay in the facility while jumpers have fun.

  • Pay attention to the safety video in the lobby and Mountain Air employees when they discuss rules and safety information.

  • All jumpers are required to wear trampoline jump socks.

  • We will open our doors 10 minutes before each day’s opening time for those who have booked jump time the first session of the day.

  • You can start jumping at any time. However, to maximize your time, our scheduled jump times start every half-hour throughout the day. If you check-in between scheduled start times, you have the option to begin jumping right away, or wait until the next scheduled start time. If you choose to begin in between scheduled start times, we will not discount your jump rate.

  • No refunds are allowed for for pre-purchased jump passes. All pass sales, including group pass sales, are final. Rescheduling your start time is possible, if necessary, for a different time on the same day, provided we have space to accommodate your number of jumpers at a different time.

  • For more information, consult our Frequently Asked Questions page.